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Authorized Herbalife DistributorHealthzone.com.sg is an online health supplements shopping mall and a registered independent distributor of Herbalife in Singapore.

We are your one-stop source for wellness tips, information, advice, products and news! We provide high quality, nutritional products backed by specialist support programs and advices.

How Are We Different?

Herbalife DistributorWe at Healthzone.com.sg are highly motivated and committed to your needs, helping visitors, readers and customers to receive the highest quality information, support, service and products. Herbalife is our main and preferred supplier for many reasons found on this site.

Healthzone has been operating since 2003, for as long as the Singapore Herballife office was established. Customers who join the Herbalife membership sponsored by Healthzone not only will enjoy the same Herbal life wholesale prices but also many extra privileges and features not available to others. We do not expect our members to participate in the usual "distributor" activities although we will gladly guide anyone who wish to pursue the Herbalife business.

Herbalife Products

Herbalife Products Herbalife is a member of the Direct Selling Association in Singapore and in most countries in which it operates.

The herbalife natural weight loss and nutrition products we promote and supply to our customers have been developed to the highest standards by Herbalife International Inc., founded by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles in 1980, which now operates in over 64 countries world-wide. The medical and nutritional research effort is conducted by a team of over 60 experts in the field of nutrition and weight loss. 

While Healthzone operates mainly online, you are welcome to meet any of our consultants at the Singapore Herbalife distributor center (by appointment only). All products delivered to our customers are direct from the office as we carry very limited stocks. Therefore you can expect genuine and fresh products with expiry date well into the future.


All products are delivered FREE at doorstep anywhere within Singapore or add oversea shipment fees where applicable. As we do not stock our products separately, you can be assured that they are fresh from the local warehouse with product expiry dates well into the future. If desired, we have a team of trained weight-management advisors available for 1-on-1 consultations, free with any program purchase. We take pride in serving the best nutritional products in the most convenience way to our customers. 

For appointment with one of our program advisor or to ask a question, send SMS/WhatsApp or call our central mobile line at (+65)91732369 anytime. Our program advisor on duty will response to you as long as he/she is awake! Alternatively, send us an email via this feedback form and receive priority reply. 

Our professional program consultants are located near every major town central and ready to meet up in-person for a private consultation. Give us a try to be impressed! 

If you are an existing distributor sharing the same passion to serve your customers, feel free to contact us for a partnership discussion.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

  1. Where can I buy Herbalife products?

    Right here on Healthzone.com.sg! Herbalife is a direct selling company and do not have retail outlets, at least not by the parent company. We are not aware of any retail shop carrying Herbalife products in Singapore as it sold mainly via independent distributors (individuals) who are trained as weight management coaches. As such, you can only purchase Herbalife products through a Herbalife distributor. At Healthzone, we provide a home shopping experience through the internet where you can get all your answers addressed by our qualified weight management coaches online, via the phone or through a meet-up arrangement.
  2. Is the delivery really free? Any hidden cost?

    There is no hidden cost. The prices listed on this website follows the official Herbalife price list without any mark-up to cover the delivery charges. Certainly there are cost involved in our delivery services, but we consider it as "discount" for our customers. In actual fact, we normally try to reduce cost by grouping all purchases for a certain zone (area) together so that we can make multiple delivers in one trip. After all, Herbalife do not allow distributors to give discount in order to protect the interest of other distributors and avoid getting into a price war among the distributors.
  3. How soon can I get the products once I place an order?

    Typically within 3 days, including weekends and holidays. We operate around the clock by having a "duty rooster" to man the support phone. This also means that we have resources at most time of the day (and night) to make delivery at different part of Singapore. These may be done via the regular courier service by Singapore Speedpost (if payment is received online), a 3rd-party delivery company, or perhaps even one of our weight management coaches if he/she happens to stay in an area near you! In any case, we strive to get the products to you within 3 days, between 9am and 11pm (officially). If you need special arrangement (e.g. MRT drop off point) or timing (e.g. after mid-night), feel free to contact us for arrangement and we'll see if it can be done.
  4. Can I pick up the products from Herbalife Distribution Center?

    Yes, if you prefer to pick up the products yourself instead of waiting for our door-step delivery, simply place the order online via this website, make payment via credit card or bank transfer, and select the option to "Pick Up" your order from Herbalife Distribution Center @ 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset. You'll get a pick-up number via SMS where you can proceed to the counter and collect the products. Strictly NO cash payment at the center unless you are also a Herbalife distributor member.


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