Healthzone Membership Program w/ Herbalife IBP

Herbalife product pricing are controlled and therefore no discount are allowed. However, we understand that there are some people that are serious about wanting to make a change for themselves but money is tight. We want to see you make that change and stay committed to it rather than try for 1 month then give up because you thought it cost too much.

Discount Pack So, to help you make this happen we have created the Healthzone Membership Program**. All that is required is the purchase of a Herbalife International Business Pack (IBP) and enjoy the products at wholesale price! This is the same pack that new distributors purchase but there is no obligation to sell anything.

The Healthzone Membership Program costs S$43.88 which includes not only the Herbalife IBP (which already retail at $43.88) but also a special life-time membership to use this website ( This means that at NO extra cost on top of the Herbalife IBP, you'll enjoy the convenience of this website without any on-going fee!

The IBP comes with a host of training materials, literature, catalogues, etc. It's almost like one fee for two memberships!

With the Herbalife distributor (IBP) membership, you can also buy products directly from the Herbalife distributor center or continue to shop here online using your email when placing order. The member pricing will then be displayed along with the full retail price so you can make a comparison and see how much you save!

To process the membership, simply sign on the Herbalife membership form that comes with  the IBP and return it to the delivery person together with a copy of your NRIC (front + back) or Passport (main pages).

You will be entitled to a 25% off* on all Herbalife consumable products! That's applicable even if you purchase just one single item - there is no minimum purchase! Simple, right? You lose weight and get healthier and you save money especially if you are a long-term customer! This is definitely the most affordable way to a happier, healthier life!

To join membership and enjoy a minimum of 25% off:

  1. Add the "Healthzone Membership Program w/ Herbalife IBP" to your shopping cart.
  2. Member price will be displayed on this website and during order checkout.
  3. You will receive a Herbalife IBP bag (see picture above) along with an application form.
  4. Prepare a copy of your NRIC/Passport, sign on the form and return to the delivery person.
  5. You may also complete the online application form upon receiving your IBP.

Healthzone Membership Program
with Herbalife Membership Bag
SGD $43.88
Special Promotion:
Make your first purchase with a membership pack (IBP) and be entitled for 25% off immediately! Simply add this to the shopping cart and check-out with the other items to get the member price instantly!

Try it now, compare the prices and see how much you'll save!
(You can remove the IBP later if you do not want to join)

* No minimum purchase needed. Accessories are not entitled to discounts. Discount cannot be applied to special offers nor be use with additional discount coupons.

* The Herbalife IBP membership has a small yearly Distributor's Annual Processing Fee which will be covered by only if requested explicitly, there is no obligation to pay this processing fee. Our members can enjoy life-time access to this website for purchases without additional fees.

* Existing Herbalife members can only re-join the IBP program after ONE year of inactivity after your current distributorship expiry date.


Want a better deal than just 25% off? Do a Group Purchase!

Each Herbalife product purchase earns Volume Points (VP). These are listed along side with the prices after you become a member, or you may add an IBP to the shopping cart to view now. As a rough gauge, each Weight Management Advanced Program equate to about 100VP and each Formula 1 Protein Shake equate to about 24VP. 

To qualify for 35% off or more, you can either accumulate 500VP with multiple small orders within 31 days; Or get 35% immediately on one single order of 500VP (only ~$1000 @ 35%) immediately! The formal approach means each small order is discounted at 25% until you reach 500VP. (As a rough gauge, you'll earn 1 VP with an equivalent spending of 1 US$.)

It's easy to qualify, e.g. just get the Advanced Programs with 4 other friends! (5 x 100VP = 500VP) or 3x Ultimate Programs (151VP each) and a other few Formula 1 shake mix (24VP each).

Once qualified, all future purchases will entitle you to at least 35% according to the sliding scale (see table) with no falling back to 25% even if it's a small order. However, do note that maintaining discounts at 42% & 50% needs yearly re-qualification*.

What's more, once you reach the 50% off level within a month, it'll be permanent at 50% off for a whole year! ***

Keen to know more details on the Herbalife Discount Structure? Click...

Volume Discount Sliding Scale Table
Past 31 day's Volume Discount
0 - 499 VP 25%
500 - 1999 VP 35%
2000 - 3999 VP 42% *
4000 VP 50% *
Consecutive Month's Volume Discount *
2500 VP in 3 months 42%
2500 VP in 2 months 50%
5000 VP in 12 months 50%
Note: Points expire after 31-day period, sliding back to lower discount level according to volume for the period.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Buy in bulk for better value!

Important Note: Under the Herbalife's IBP terms & condition, purchases made as a "distributor" member are not covered under the 30-days Herbalife refund policy. However, with the distributor meber status, you can resell the products to a end-user customer at full retail price and they are protected by the refund policy. In this case, you will refund the customer the purchase price and exchange the used products for new ones at the Herbalife distributor office. We therefore do not recommend this for first-time buyer for personal consumption, unless you're already familiar with the products.

Packaging and handling costs factored in the product pricing are not subjected to discount. As such, the final price is not a direct application of the discount % level. More details can be found in the official price list that comes with the IBP pack.

The above qualification formula is slightly modified to benefit Healthzone's end-user consumers, enabling you to qualify faster! The official Herbalife criteria is much more stringent - instead of 31 days accumulation period, Herbalife's restrict it to within the "calendar month". This deters purchases during month-end period. With the "31 days" modified terms above, you won't have to time your purchases just because of the concern that points will expire unfairly!

*** Call us or refer to Herbalife's distributor handbook in the IBP for more details.

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* Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Weight-loss results are not typical, individual results will vary.