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I like to loose weight permanently! Let's face it, you do not want to depend on weight lost pills to control your weight only to see them bounced back again. There is no secret to weight lost, just some basic facts: Your body's own metabolism should work at its peak to burn out the daily calories intake.

Herbalife's meal replacement programs are designed to help you regain your healthy metabolism. Based on cellular nutrition, the proven combination of protein shakes, special blend of  vitamins & herbal supplements will help your loose weight permanently.

Ever wonder why your friend's never put on as much weight even though you eat much less than they do? Hint: Work on your body's metabolism, start with a healthy diet. Begin with any of the Herbalife Weight Loss Programs.

I'm too skinny, I need to put on some weight! You may be surprise that the same Herbalife protein shake is consumed by many who wants to put on extra weight. After all, it works on cellular nutrition and the basic principle on healthy diet. Give the weight gain program a try and be amazed. Simply supplement your usual diet with this program.
I want something to support my current weight management program. We have the latest science has to offer - Total Control contains a selection of carefully chosen and blended herbs, which together provide a potent synergistic supplement designed to provide an invigorating boost. Without this product, weight management is 'not total'!
I want to make sure I'm getting enough vitamins and minerals. Exercise requires more than just fuel for energy; many micronutrients are used up in the process. To help minimize oxidative stress, neutralize free radicals and top up the body's daily needs for vitamins and minerals, include a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement.
I have trouble controlling my snack attacks in the evenings. Glucose imbalance is the root cause of many sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Garcinia Cambogia and Chromium GTF are well-researched nutrients that can help support the body's natural regulation of glucose balance. To avoid the blood sugar high and lows associated with sugar cravings, try supplementing with a Shake Mix.
I don't eat breakfast.

I don't eat lunch.

You must - it's the most important meal of the day! Protein Shake takes under a minute to prepare and provides a balanced, nutritious and delicious breakfast. It is digested and assimilated by the body with ease, making it the perfect fast food!

If you don't eat lunch, you may end up eating too much for your evening meal. You need more fuel during the day, when your body is most likely to be active, and less later in the day when you are slowing down and relaxing. By the way, stop taking those instant noodles!

I want to break my coffee-drinking habit. Good decision - here's the perfect alternative! We have blended five fast-acting botanicals to create a herbal treat you can enjoy everyday. This beverage is kinder to your body than traditional tea and coffee. Each cup contains two thirds less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so you can reduce your caffeine intake and benefit your body with an invigorating herbal boost.
I tend to get indigestion and bloating.

I need something to replace fizzy drinks and juices.

Aloe vera is undoubtedly one of nature's greatest inventions. It supports your insides, gently by refreshing and cleansing. Use Aloe Concentrate on a daily basis and enjoy a real tonic!
I've heard that exercise causes free radical damage, what can I do? The harder you exercise, the more antioxidants you need, so eat plenty of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables and take a good quality antioxidant product, Schizandra Plus.
I like to have a stronger heart and prevent heart disease! Depending on the extend of support you need for your heart, we have a range of cardiovascular health products that'll meet all needs.
I've other needs... Browse our latest Herbalife catalog or contact us for a healthy discussion!

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