"Keep Dad Going Strong!"

Healthy DadHealthy Dads Use Herbalife's Healthy Men Program

Whatever his age, support the Dad in your life with Herbalife's Healthy Men Program. These scientifically formulated products are geared to men's bodies to improve heart health, prostate and urinary function, sports performance, wellness and sexual vitality.

When Father's Day is around the corner, you can keep him healthy and happy all year long with Herbalife's Healthy Men Program.

  • Cellular Nutrition Program - The foundation for any lifestage or lifestyle program begins with life-enhancing Cellular Nutrition. Our life is bombarded by an onslaught of environmental pollutants, stress and poor eating habits. Unless we properly nourish our cells, we cannot sustain our ideal weight or improve our well-being. Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition Program is the foundation to nourish our cells for proper metabolism, growth, repair, detoxification and reproduction. The philosophy is to nourish us at the cellular level.
  • Multivitamin Complex - Improved health with a range of vitamins and minerals, plus an exclusive blend of natural herbs that work synergistically to create a foundation for long-term good health.
  • Herbalifeline™ - Enhance our cardiovascular health with Omega-3, a fatty acid which can help keep your heart - the most important muscle in your body - healthy.
  • Schizandra Plus - An antioxidant product that also prevents deterioration of lipids and essential oils including Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Joint Support - Glucosamine - A dietary supplement for joints and muscles. This can help provide support to aching joints. Great for those are experiencing pain and discomfor from arthritis, an injury or excessive wear and tear in the joints.
  • NiteworksNew! - A revolutionary dietary supplement that contains an exclusive blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline with other ingredients that trigger the production of Nitric Oxide. This is important, because the production of Nitric Oxide, the natural occuring compound which keeps blood vessels young and flexible declines with the aging process. Niteworks™ helps to support overall cardiovascular health, keeps your arteries youthful and slows down the body's internal clock.

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