Outer Nutrition

Just as your body needs proper nutrition for long-term health, your skin and hair require the right nourishment to keep you looking your best. Herbalife’s Outer Nutrition products are your secret weapon in maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance.

Skin is the body's largest organ and to maintain optimum health, proper skin care is necessary. Just as you need to cleanse the body and give it proper nutrition to stay healthy, you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize to nourish and protect your skin.

It's Like Nutrition For Your Skin: Our skin care line nourishes and hydrates your skin using advanced skin care technology and the botanicals provided by Mother Nature. Formulated by a team of the world's leading skin care experts, it contains the finest combination of ingredients on the market today.

NourifusionThe Ultimate in Skin care - Reveal beautiful, healthier, younger-looking skin with our optimum blend of Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera and other botanical ingredients.

Paraben and sulfate-free, and dermatologist tested, Herbalife SKIN is clinically tested to show that skin looks more glowing and feels softer and smoother in just 7 days.*

*Daily Glow Moisturizer, Line Minimizing Serum, Replenishing Night Cream.

NourifusionThe secret to looking great is good nutrition - inside and out. Herbalife's Outer Nutrition™ products are designed to help you look and feel your radiant best. Discover botanical-based formulas to revitalize, soothe, smooth and pamper every inch of you!
NouriFusion™ is ACE for your Face!

Made with vitamins A, C, and E and skin-enhancing herbal ingredients, the NouriFusion™ line combines the best of science and nature to help give you beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Body Care Picture cloudless blue skies, sea spray on your skin, the fresh smell of a lake breeze... you don't need to take a vacation or visit a spa to relax and rejuvenate. Indulge in Herbal Aloe Body Care and your private time can be like a mini-getaway!

The Herbal Aloe body care products leave you clean and refreshed with skin feeling luxurious, hydrated and smelling great. Go ahead and pamper yourself with the soothing touch of Herbal Aloe!

Anti-Aging Skin Care A revolutionary approach to anti-aging skin care: Many anti-aging formulas improve skin texture with irritating side effects. We take a unique approach that is powerful, yet gentle.
  • look years younger,
  • diminish your fine lines and wrinkles,
  • regain a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance of your skin,
  • effectively repair skin tissue,
  • nourish your skin,
  • encourage a healthy cell turnover rate,
  • and visibly improve your skin texture!

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