"Herbalife's philosophy is to nourish you at the cellular level"

Herbalife Research and development team discovered something revolutionary. They discovered that no matter what you do, unless you properly nourish your cells, you cannot improve your well being or sustain your ideal weight.

Cellular NutritionFrom this realization was born Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition Program. It's the very foundation from which you nourish your cells for proper metabolism, growth, repair, detoxification and reproduction.

With a scientifically balanced combination of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and fat, Herbalife has discovered the best foundation for enhanced well being and weight loss. By using the highest quality herbs and purest ingredients, you will be able to sustain a vital, healthy, and more energetic you! We call it Cellular Nutrition™ and it's the way to start building a solid foundation for long-term health.


Cellular nutrition technology 

Our bodies are composed of trillions of tiny building blocks - living cells which grow, die and are replaced many times during our lifetime. These cells need good nutrition to perform their metabolic functions: growth, repair, detoxification and reproduction.

Herbalife's Program provides micronutrient supplementation. This allows us to reduce our calorie intake while maintaining vitamin, mineral and nutrient factors essential to good health. We provide these factors in a easily digestible form, so our cells can reach their highest level of functioning - even when there has been a history of poor eating, excessive dieting or illness.

One key difference with Herbalife products is the inclusion of a group of herbs and micronutrients which act as cell activators, energizing your cells to function more fully to improve your health and vitality.

Your body has the best chance for top energy, performance and nutritional health when three things take place: consumption, absorption and utilization.

Start with Basic Cellular Nutrition Program, as your essential building blocks, that includes 4 products:

Cellular Nutrition™ Program

Retail Price:
SGD 261.04


Then power up to the next level with our advanced Optimum Cellular Nutrition supplements for maximum productivity. The Optimum Cellular Nutrition™ Program is a set of 7 products that includes the products from the Basic Program, plus... Optimum Cellular Nutrition™ Program
Retail Price:
SGD 465.65


How Does Cellular Nutrition Work?

The health of your cells is crucial if you want to live a long, healthy and vibrant life. Why? Because cells provide the power for everything you do - from thinking to growing. Simply put, you cannot be healthy unless your cells are healthy.

The concept of Cellular Nutrition is simple. All of Herblaife's products are scientificically formulated to support healthy "villi". These tiny, finger-like structures along the wall of your intestine are essentially "gatekeepers" helping your body absorb more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, while protecting you from toxins. The healthier your villi, the more efficiently you can absorb the nourishment your cells need - and the healthier you'll be.

Cellular Nutrition

These products are designed to blend with our weight-management programs for weight loss and weight gain too. With Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition, the latest advances in science meet the healthiest nutrients to bring you optimum health!

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