"Losing weight doesn't have to feel like fasting!"

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Herbalife ShapeWorks weight management programsAccording to the Singapore National Health Survey 2004, 25.6% of adult Singaporeans are overweight. Almost 50% have their meals at hawker centres or fast-food chains 6 times or more a week. Which part of the statistics do you contribute to?

Herbalife's weight management products provide a safe, effective and healthy alternative for modern fast-food lifestyles. Herbalife science-based weight management program, ShapeWorks™, is simply, easy-to-follow and delicious. Based on Cellular Nutrition™, it is a flexible program that can be personalized for you depending on whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight.

This cellular nutrition program helps many people successfully use to Gain Weight too!

It all starts with nourishing your cells...

Herballife understands that people like to have choices when it comes to losing weight. Herbalife's simple approaches start with the essential building blocks of the Cellular Nutrition™ Program (nourishment at the cellular level) and combine them with the fat-burning abilities of thermogenic herbs to create the Shapeworks™ Programs. These programs are designed for optimal weight loss, powered by Cellular Nutrition™ and include heart healthy, low fat soy. Healthy! Effective! Safe!

The Shapeworks™ Weight Management program allows you to lose weight without weighing you down with cumbersome restrictions. This simple plan is scientifically designed for safe, effective and long-lasting weight loss that will leave you feeling satisfied. Since its foundation is Cellular Nutrition™, you know you're taking care of your body right down to the cellular level.

Integrated into this program are solutions to the four common obstacles dieters face when they try to lose weight:

  1. loss of good nutrition as a result of dieting
  2. loss of energy
  3. low metabolism resulting in slower weight loss
  4. and finally, cravings for snacks.

We help you overcome these stumbling blocks so you won't ever have to lose weight again - your success will be lasting!

Anna Massa before

Anna Massa after

"I am living proof that Herbalife products work for weight loss and help you achieve balanced health. My self-confidence has grown and I now enjoy life to the full."*

* Weight-loss results are not typical, individual results will vary.

Herbalife Shapeworks™ weight management program delivers balanced nourishment with carbohydrates for quick energy and added enzymes for easy digestion. No more counting calories or eating tasteless, prepackaged meals! Losing weight doesn't have to mean giving up your favorite foods. It can taste good. And since it's based on Cellular Nutrition™, its healthy, effective, and safe.

Herbalife simple plan is designed to meet your specific needs. Losing weight doesn't have to feel like fasting. The programs allows you to lose weight without cumbersome restrictions. This simple plan is scientifically designed for safe, effective and long-lasting weight lost that will leave you feeling satisfied and knowing you're taking care of your body.

QuickStart Cellular Nutrition Program

(4 items: Protein Drink Mix, Protein Supplement, Cell Activator, Multi-Vitamins)

This program is designed to help you dispense with poor eating habits and move on to a healthier lifestyle, safely. To help maximise your shape-up efforts, consume two convenient, delicious protein drinks together with protein supplement each day; there's a choice of Dutch Chocolate, Tropical Fruit and French Vanilla to entice your taste buds! Then simply enjoy a balanced meal of your choice during the day. See the centimeters disappear and the kilos drop off!

Retail Price:
SGD 261.04

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Advanced Program

(5 items: Protein Drink Mix, Protein Supplement, Cell Activator, Multi-Vitamins, Total Control) 

The Advance Program takes you that one step further, by adding Thermojetics Total Control contains a select blend of distinct herbs that will help provide you with the support you need to achieve and maintain your desired weight. It works around the clock to help you feel more energetic throughout the day and help evening-time snacking, while giving you the results you want - fast! It includes all the components of the QuickStart Program plus the added support of Total Control™.

Retail Price:
SGD 362.24

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New Total Control™

The Advanced and Ultimate programs include Total Control™ - a recently developed revolutionary herbal supplement designed to transform the weight-loss process.

  • Helps your body burn fat.
  • Helps increase your resting metabolic rate.
  • Controls appetite.
  • Boosts energy without causing irritability and restlessness.
  • Advanced non-ephedra formula.
  • Provides antioxidant properties.
"I felt full and more satisfied." Using Total Control™, Yvette Romero found that she wasn't hungry for her favorite junk foods. "I felt satisfied and full after and between all my meals," she says. "And I've seen a big difference in the way my body looks."

Ultimate Program

(7 items: Protein Drink Mix, Protein Supplement, Cell Activator, Multi-Vitamins, Total Control, Cell-U-Loss, Herbal Concentrate) 

If you want to experience the ultimate in weight loss, step up to the Ultimate Program, which works to lose centimeters and reduce the appearance of dimply-looking skin. It includes all the components of the Advanced Program plus the added support of Shapeworks™ Herbal Concentrate and Cell-U-Loss™. This program helps put you in complete control as your body reaches its nutritional balance. A careful combination of science and nature work 24 hours a day to great effect. It will help your body reach optimum well being and you'll begin to reap the full benefits of a healthy new lifestyle. Achieve your body's try potential with some of the very best custom-living products.

Retail Price:
SGD 477.48

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Help me choose!
Which of the above program is suitable for me?

  1. Do you have a big appetite and often snacks throughout the day? YES / NO

  2. Are you trying to recover from being over-weight after pregnancy? YES / NO

  3. Do you eat very little, often skip meals but yet could not loose further weight? YES / NO

  4. Are you a heavy coffee drinker? YES / NO

  5. Are you under-weight and like to gain some weight healthily? YES / NO

  6. Do you want to loose just a few kilos of weight? YES / NO

  7. Do you want to loose a lot of weight? YES / NO

All programs start with the basic Quickstart Program which is a set of scientifically formulated "meal replacement" diet to get your body back in a very healthy shape. The key to loosing or gaining weight effectively & permanently is to let your body's natural metabolism does what it does best; to "burn" your fats and convert them into energy. Most weight problems are due to a poor metabolism which relates to your health.

With the Quickstart Program, it comprises of not just the protein shake mix and protein powder, but a special blend of multivitamins & herbal tablets which is crucial in the process. Cell Activator ensures that all the above are well absorb by your body at "cellular level" instead of passing out as waste. These 4 products forms the Quickstart program.

If you answer YES to questions (1) and probably (7), we'll suggest that you take on the Advanced Program. This program has one additional "enhancer" product, namely Total Control, which burn fats and reduced food craving. As such, there are 5 products in the Advanced Program.

If it's a YES to questions (2), (4) or (7), go with the Ultimate Program. It builds on top of the Advanced Program with another two "enhancer" products; Cell-U-Loss and Herbal Concentrate. Cell-U-Loss is primarily to address water retention issues, most often found after a pregnancy. This is where you feel that your body is "bloated" and chubby - most likely because your body could not regulate and discharge unnecessary water out of the body. Herbal Concentrate is a special blend of tea, taste pretty much like green tea. It gives you the similar effect of the "caffeine boost" of a coffee but does it in a healthy way. In layman terms, it's like your "fat burning and sliming tea" - the more you drink, the more kilos you loose. Thus, the Ultimate Program comprises of 7 products.

All other questions leads back to the Quickstart Program. Which is the foundation of all the above 3 programs. Getting on a Quickstart program means you are on your way to "tuning" your metabolism back to a healthy state and thereby burning all the extra calories which your body just doesn't seems to burn naturally now!

You are free to purchase any individual components of the program; e.g. you may choose to start with the Quickstart Program plus a Cell-U-Loss to enhance the result. Or if you are already on other 3rd-party multivitamins tablets, just order the other individual products via your shopping cart. We also suggest that you order an extra Formula 1 (protein shake drink mix) as it'll last about 2 weeks - get a different flavor so there's variation in your diet plan!

Now, do you know which program suit you well? Contact us for further details or browse our FAQ.

Do you want to Lose weight, Maintain weight or Gain Weight?

Supplements (Tables & Enhancers)
Support your weight management program. E.g. Total Control, Cell-U-Loss and Herbal Concentrate.
Protein Shakes Drink (Meal Replacement)
Personalized the protein needs of your body to keep your metabolism up and hunger at bay.
Normal Meal
Enjoy a healthy meal that includes a source of lean protein.

Therefore, loosing weight can be as simple as 3-2-1.

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Preview the instructions on how to use Herbalife products

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You Can't Lose!

Best Case: You'll quickly drop lbs. of unwanted, unattractive fat, fit into clothing from years ago (or get new clothes!) and look and feel your very best ever!

Worst Case: If you are not satisfied for any reason, you are always protected with our No Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee so you can get your investment back at any time!

And you are NOT spending extra money getting into the program! Make a calculation on how much you will actually SAVE on two meals per day. You are merely SWITCHING over to a healthier meal plans that help you loose weight! E.g.If you are currently spending $10 for two meals normally, that would cost you around $300 per month. This cost could be used to get on the healthier Herbalife ShapeWorks program instead. As such, it's not "additional" cost for your to give this program a try!


How to lose weight and keep it off?  

Losing weight is a matter of supply and demand. People gain weight when they consume more food energy (calories) than their bodies can burn up in their daily activities. You lose weight when you expend more energy than you consume (Why I Gain Weight?). Stored body fat is converted back into energy to make up the difference. Herbalife's Shapeworks™ Weight-Management Programs nourishes the body and works to create a desirable energy balance in favor of losing weight.

Review the Weight Loss Time-table for more details on a schedule and how to administer the weight-loss program.

Chien Chiu Shen : lost 50 kilos

Jerry Chan : lost 27 kilos

Pan Hui : lost 15 kilos

Angeli Choy : lost 23 kilos

Ken Chan : lost 19 kilos

Hsu Peng Ming : lost 16 kilos

* Weight-loss results are not typical, individual results will vary.


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* Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Weight-loss results are not typical, individual results will vary.