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We help you reach your potential as your Herbalife Sponsor! Our consultant will help you get your business off to a great start!

  • Goal setting assistance 
  • Ongoing support to reach your goals  
  • Experienced knowledge of successful sales and marketing tools 
  • Useful tips and insights about the products


1. Order the IBP** together with your products by adding to shopping cart. (Get instant discount!).

2. Upon delivery of your products and IBP, take out the Application Form found within the bag.

3. On the top section of the Application Form, look out for the Applicantion ID and Online Code.

4. Use the ID/Code on this Herbalife Distributor Application form.
    Note down this information for the online application form:
    - Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number: S7001055
    - First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name: CHE

5. Fax a copy of your NRIC or Passport to 6416 8458 or email DSSingapore@herbalife.com to complete the application. Please indicate your Herbalife ID in the fax/email. (found in top-right of the application form).

** IBP (International Business Pack) is as shown in photo above. Bookmark this page and come back after your receive your IBP bag! The application form is located in a stack of forms within the clear plastic bag inside the IBP.

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