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Suria Nutrition Consulting
From Suria Md, Nutritionist & Weight Management Consultant

Hi there, I'm Suria, a nutritionist, educator and weight management consultant. Let me introduce myself briefly. I created this unique Weight Loss Program called the Weight Mastery Program to help many people who have lost weight and put on back all the weight again. This program was designed to assist individuals to manage their health through effective and healthy weight management programs that is UNIQUE & the FIRST in ASIA!

I have personally gained weight after the birth of my 2nd child. I gained 20kg and was at 72kg after the birth of my 2nd child. I have learnt to lose all those weight and now have maintained my ideal weight for over 2 years. I practice healthy eating habits, fitness and am also currently taking a branded, safe and natural weight loss products which was recommended by a specialist friend to help me maintain my ideal weight.

I am also the Director of Anggun International a centre that provides consultancy for wellness, fitness and long term weight loss solutions. I am currently conducting weight loss and Nutrition classes at my centre to help individuals lead healthy lifestyles and lose weight permanently.

My formal education includes undergraduate studies at Edith Cowan University Perth Western Australia in General Sciences, which includes, nutrition, education, consumer sciences, and was selected for the exchange studies at Illinois State University, USA where I completed my studies.

I also furthered my passion for Nutrition and Wellness by pursuing a postgraduate in Education at the Nanyang Technological University/National Institute of Education specialization in teaching of Food and Nutrition in secondary schools. I embarked on a career in teaching Food and Nutrition to educate youths on Nutrition and Health issues preparing them for the National General Cambridge Education Food and Nutrition Examination.

I have a keen interest in the weight loss industry and am very concerned of the public unawareness in the dangers of fast weight loss solutions or “fad diets”. It is with that passion that I am always in pursuit of developing programs to help educate individuals of total weight loss solutions that give permanent and long term results.

I have directed or run Trim and Fit programs in Schools for overweight and obese teenagers and healthy lifestyle activities in fitness through successfully forming a vibrant Dance Academy as a Co-curricular Activity for teenagers.

I am currently conducting talks and seminars on Nutrition, Women’s Wellness and Weight Management issues both in Singapore and Malaysia.

Below are the list of events where I have conducted public talks on weight management & nutrition:

  • The National Library – Library @ Orchard
  • The Singapore Nurses Association on the International Nurses Day for the launching of The Charity Drive CD for SARS
  • PPIS Women’s Fitness Club on "Women's Wellness and The Weight Loss Battle"
  • Fort Canning Holistic Spring Festival Event on "Nutrition Basics"
  • The Women’s Fitness Group at Istiqamah mosque on "Overcoming Obesity"
  • Infinity2 Asia Pacific
  • Women’s International Network
  • Petronas Malaysia for the Secretaries Health and Weight Management Workshop
  • Singapore Health Promotion Board Community Talks on Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Guest Speaker for the Women's Fitness Group at Tampines Changkat CC on "Women's Wellness and Anti Aging"
  • Featured in the National Local Newspaper Berita Harian on 10th June 2003 with coverage on "Obesity and its challenges for Women in Singapore"
  • Featured on the cover of a leading women's magazine which highlights Women in Professional Careers "NUR", issue March 2003.
  • Guest speaker for Singapore National TV program on Nutrition for the Fasting Month " Warna Ramadan 2003"
  • Nutritionist Consultant for "Healthy Day Event" organised by Singapore Health Promotion Board, Tampines Stadium

I have two children and now stay in Singapore and often travel to Malaysia to conduct talks, workshops and seminars on Nutrition, Wellness and Weight Loss Issues.

I have created a unique program committed to helping people just like you escape the prison of overweight and obesity. My special team of Weight Mentors are not hourly paid workers, but are people just like you who have got involved in this program through their own personal experiences and commitment to the ideals of taking this life-changing program around the world one person at a time. Together our team will help you and be your personal mentor guiding you to your dream weight loss and wonderful health success!

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All research on this web site is the property of Suria Md and is protected by copyright © 2006

Keep in mind that research on these matters continues daily and is subject to change. The information presented is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. It is intended to provide ongoing support of your healthy lifestyle practices.