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Official recommended retail price by Herbalife Malaysia - Prices quoted in Malaysian Ringgit.
NOTE: Not all Herbalife products are available in Malaysia - following are available in Malaysia:

Descriptions Price Quantity / Flavour


ShapeWorks Start Now Packs
Start Now Pack (w/ Tea Mix 50g)
(set of 3 products)
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Start Now Pack (w/ Tea Mix 100g)
(set of 3 products)
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ShapeWorks Weight Management
Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder (Formula 1 - F1)
- 550g
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Blended Soy & Whey Protein Powder (Formula 3 - F3)
- 240g
SKU# 0242MY
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Tea Mix - Lemon & Hibiscus 50g
- 50g
SKU# 0105MY
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Tea Mix - Lemon & Hibiscus 100g
- 100g
SKU# 0106MY
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Tea Mix - Peach 100g
- 100g
SKU# 0190MY
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TC Formula
- 90 Tablets
SKU# 0077MY
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Herbal Aloe Concentrate
- 473ml
SKU# 0006MY
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Omega 3 Fish Oil with EPA & DHA
- 60 softgel
SKU# 0065MY
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NW Formula (Night-time heart nutrition)
- 150g 30 Days
SKU# 3150MY
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Calcium Plus
- 90 Tablets
SKU# 0020MY
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NRG Tea (Nature's Raw Guarana)
- 60g
SKU# 0102MY
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Protein Snacks
Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar
- 490g
SKU# 0259
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Hair Care
Herbal Aloe Soft Hold Hair Spray
- 200ml
SKU# 0459
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Body Essentials
Herbal Aloe Hand Cream
- 50ml
SKU# 0450
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Skin Revitalisers
Radiant C Daily Skin Booster - Gel Cream / Radiant C
- 150ml
SKU# 0444
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Radiant C Daily Skin Booster
- 30ml
SKU# 2890
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NouriFusion Skin Essentials
For Normal to Dry Skin
NouriFusion MultiVitamin Lotion Cleanser (N/Dry)
- 200ml
SKU# 2510
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NouriFusion MultiVitamin Toner (N/Dry)
- 200ml
SKU# 2512
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For Normal to Oily Skin
NouriFusion MultiVitamin Foaming Gel Cleanser (N/Oily)
- 200ml
SKU# 2511
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NouriFusion MultiVitamin Toner (N/Oily)
- 200ml
SKU# 2513
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For All Skin Types - Any Time
NouriFusion MultiVitamin Eye Gel
- 15ml
SKU# 2518
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For All Skin Types - Night Time
For All Skin Types - Weekly
NouriFusion MultiVitamin Clarifying Mask
- 125g
SKU# 2519
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NouriFusion MultiVitamin Moisture Mask
- 125ml
SKU# 2520
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NouriFusion MultiVitamin Exfoliating Scrub
- 100g
SKU# 2521
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NouriFusion Kits
NouriFusion Normal to Dry Kit
- 3 items
SKU# 0901
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NouriFusion Normal to Oily Kit
- 3 items
SKU# 0902
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